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At maya day care we thrive to take care of mental and physical health of your children. We make sure to provide the best care possible including healthy food, and playful and fun learning activities that would prepare your child for school.

The meal and snacks provided is freshly prepared the same day and nutritionally balanced this includes keeping your children hydrated throughout the day with PH balanced and filtered water.

Age-appropriate activities are considered for each individual to promote healthier and more engaging mind and body.

Each month we invite special guest such as children’s art, music, and pottery teacher. We celebrate each children’s birthday individually.

Daily routine activity:

Stretching and basic fun cardio.

10 Min Dancing activity.

Our team consist of 2 helper and I.

Pandemic: Every individual guest daycare guest is tested for covid and everyone in the household is tested once a week. Every child temperature is taken daily, any symptoms observed is reported to the individual’s family and we ask them to be picked up.

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